Weighed products move through the whole of the single market without extra controls. For example, a package of crisps can be produced in one country and be distributed all over Europe. Customers buying such a bag in a supermarket should be able to be sure that the weighed value provided is correct. So, if the bag indicates it includes 200 grams, the customer is expecting it contains at least 200 grams. Where this just should not happen in consumer products it might be even fatal in industries such as pharmaceuticals.

To get this guarantee, high-quality weighing instruments are needed. National legislation is in force to ensure that the weighing instruments keep functioning correctly during its lifetime. Unfortunately, these national reverification requirements differ significantly between EU Member States, making it more cumbersome to provide cross-border services and not providing the optimal consumer protection.

Harmonisation of these national reverification requirements will be beneficial for the competitiveness of the industry and will improve customer protection.

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