The objectives of our association are:

  • Position the weighing sector in the social, commercial, industrial and legal spheres of the country.
  • Participate in the implementation of community, state and local metrological legislation on weighing instruments.
  • Defend the legitimate interests of the associates against unfair internal or external competition.
  • Represent the collective in Europe.

Being members of AECIP, you can access the services provided by the PIMEC employers, which offers us: free Internet access, free e-mail, provision of rooms for private meetings of companies, various agreements have been signed with discounts.We also have the subsidies, labor, training, international departments, to which you can direct inquiries from companies.

Likewise, AECIP is in a position to inform you promptly of all the news that occur in the sector, such as draft standards, activities and recommendations of the OIML, European Directives and in general, of all aspects of Legal Metrology.


Nº de trabajadoresCuota trimestral
Up to 5 workers€ 61.60 / quarterly
From 6 to 10 workers € 110.00 / quarterly
From 11 to 20 workers€ 176.00 / quarterly
From 21 to 40 workers€ 247.50 / quarterly
More than 41 workers€ 379.50 / quarterly

Here you can see our Code of conduct

Here you can see our Activities Calendar


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